Wills (ERO D/ACR6/83 Geo Brice 1567 1568/9)

11.5.1567 (Sunday 11 May 1567)

document 2600560

in the name of god amen the 11.5.1567 I Geo Brice of Earls Colne in the county of Essex and diocese of London being sick in body but whole of mind good remembrance thanks be unto almighty god etc do make this my testament etc first I bequeath my soul to almighty god my body to be buried item I bequeath to the poor men's box there 12d to be paid in three quarters of the year next and immediately ensuing my decease item I bequeath to sir Jn Petefield vicar of Earls Colne aforesaid in recompense of my tithes at any time negligently forgotten 12d item I bequeath to Jn Laye a lamb item I bequeath to Jane Pudney a lamb item I bequeath to Marion Treyser a lamb the residue of all my goods corn cattle implements of house and household stuff and the term of years that I have in my farm leave and bequeath wholly to be parted between Edith my wife and Jone Treyser my daughter in law part and part alike a I will they continue and dwell together in my said farm and occupy the said with all things as I lease it to them during the term of years yet to come in the same if they will so agree and if they will not agree then I will an inventory to be taken and made by indifferent persons of all my said goods corn cattle and farm and the same by the said persons indifferently prized to be evenly parted between my said wife and Jane Treyser my daughter in law to have use and occupy the same after their own wills and I make the said Edith my wife and the said Jone Treyser my daughter in law my executors to execute and do all things according to my will pay my legacies and debts and take up my debts due to me and bring my body to the ground and touching the debt I owe to Jone Treyser my daughter in law I will it be paid out of her own part but the others my debts and legacies I will be indifferently paid and divided between my said wife and the said Jone and I make my friend Thos Lefingwell my supervisor and I desire him to be an aider and helper to my said wife and daughter in all their doings concerning my will and I give to him for his pains 2bush rye and his costs whensoever he goeth or rideth about my business witnesses Jn Petfield Jn Lefingwell Hen Somersam and others