Wills (ERO D/ACR6/81 Robt Abbott 1568 1568)

7.5.1568 (Friday 7 May 1568)

document 2601076

in the name of god amen the 7.5.1568 I Robt Abbott of Earls Colne in the county of Essex and diocese of London being sick in body but of good memory make my testament in manner following first I bequeath my soul to almighty god etc my body to be buried etc item I bequeath to my son Hen Abbott 6li13s4d to paid to him at his age of twenty one years and if it chance him to die before his said age then I will the said 6li13s4d to be parted equally between my two daughters Grace Abbott and Joan Abbott and I will my said son and the said 6li13s4d to be in the custody and hands of my brother Hen Abbott unto he have accomplished his said age of twenty one years and for the said payment of the said 6li13s4d to be paid as is aforesaid I will my said brother Hen to put in sufficient bond to my brother Robt Peerson item I bequeath to my two daughters Grace Abbott and Joan Abbott either of them an old angel to be paid to them at the day of their marriage by the hands of my said brother Robt Peerson whom I will shall have both the angels to occupy to their use until their marriages and either of them to be given to other and if all my children decease before their age or marriage then I will all their parts shall be divided between my said brother Hen and my sister Joan (may be Joan) the residue of all my goods I give wholly to Joan my wife to the bringing up of my children and I make my said wife and my said brother Hen Abbott executors of this my testament to see all things done according to the meaning of the same and to see my body honestly brought to the earth and I desire my brother Peerson to be supervisor hereof and to be helper to them in the execution of the same witness Jn Petfielde clerk Thos Polley Wm Smythe and others