Wills (ERO D/ABW39/327 Jn Wells of Wakes Colne 1573/4)

23.3.1574 (Tuesday 23 March 1574)

document 2700913

in the name of god amen I Jn Wells servant unto Roger Amyce esq being sick in body but of whole and sound memory do make and ordain this my last will in manner and form following first I bequeath my soul unto almighty god my maker and redeemer steadfastly hoping to receive free remission and forgiveness of all my sins by the only means of christ my saviour who died for me and for all mankind my body and carcass being but dust and ashes I bequeath unto the earth from whence it came willing Joan my wife to see the same decently buried in the churchyard of Colne Wake which said Joan my wife I make and ordain by this my said last will my sole executrix unto whom I give towards the bringing up of my children which god hath sent me by of her body all that small portion of goods as well household stuff and implements of household without it hath pleased god almighty god almighty god to bless me and my will and meaning is that all and every my said goods chattels household stuff implements of household shall presently and after my burial be prized and valued by my very friend Jn Upcher of the parish of Pontisbright in the county of Essex yeoman Wm Richardson of the parish of White Colne within the said county yeoman and Wm Bridge of the parish of Earls Colne in the said county labourer whom I do require and pray to take the pains to value the same and every part thereof and thereupon to set the just value as near as they can also I give and bequeath unto my very good mistress mrs Margt Amyce my daughter Ann Wells praying her for good causes and for charity either to receive her into her own suite or else place her elsewhere (torn) as shall be thought meet unto her also I give and bequeath my son Wm Wells unto mr Israel Amyce to be brought up as to his discretion shall be thought best in witness whereof I have to this my present will set my hand the 23.3.1574 etc. J W mark Jn Wells mark Wm Richardson mark Wm Brydge Jn Upcher