Wills (ERO D/ACR6/426 Philipa Pollen 1574 1574)

25.7.1574 (Sunday 25 July 1574)

document 2700978

in the name of god amen I Phillipa Pollen of Earls Colne in the county of Essex widow being sick in body but whole and perfect mind laud and praise be to the lord do make ordain my testament containing therein my last will in manner and form following first I commit my soul to the hands of almighty god and my body to the ground first I give to Jn Pollen my son the younger all such stuff as belongeth to the parlour except one cupboard a bedstead in the new chamber with a feather bed and a flockbed the best covering in the house a pair of white blankets a pair of sheets two pillows and a bolster and all the stained clothes in the same chamber ten pieces of pewter the great kettle the biggest brass pot brass pot and a basin a little kettle my best diaper cloth with napkins item I give him my lease of this my tenement during my years which were granted to my last husband Adam Pollen by the consent of the inhabitors of the town paying the rate which is 4s one year item I give him my silver goblet item four silver spoons my great chest in the chamber item I give to old Jn Pollen my son all my stuff that belongeth to my little parlour a brass pot and two kettles item I give to every one of Robt Reade's children a silver spoon item I give to Ann Reade the daughter of Robt Reade my best gown item I give to Rose Reade the daughter of Robt Reade my best petticoat item I give to my son Jn Pollen the younger all my harness item I give to my two sons four spits between them item I give to Jn Pollen the older four silver spoons item I give to Rose Reade my daughter four silver spoons item I give her a feather bed a bolster two pillows a pair of blankets and a pair of sheets with a covering I give to Ann Garrard my maid a trundle bed with all things belonging to it item I give to Rose my daughter and her two children all my wearing linen all the rest of my goods ungiven when my body is buried in the ground my will proved and my debts paid I will that they be equally divided between my two sons and Rose my daughter also I make and ordain to this last will and testament made the 25.7.1574 Robt Read and Jn Pollen (may be Jn Pollen) my executors with others these being witnesses before whom I have put my hand the day and year above written by me Robt Pearson and by me Wm Adhams clerk