Wills (PROB11/65/27 Wm Brewster of Hedingham gent 1579 1583)

30.3.21Eliz1 (Monday 30 March 1579)

document 2801570

Wm Brewster of Hedingham gent made 30.3.21Eliz1 in health soul to god body in Heddingham church in such sort as shall appear good to my executors whereas on marriage of Mirabelle now my wife I have annured unto her upon my decease for life all those my houses and lands called Wansford and land called Pannells Disshe and one field called Six Acres and one house called Bridzseleye and 2a of meadow adjoining the same in the flatche# and parish of Hedingham at easter aforesaid which lands etc were of late my cousin Jn Girleyes of Gestingthorpe remainder to heirs of our two bodies in default to my right heir I bequeath all the aforesaid to Mirabelle for her natural life etc whereas I lately purchased of Robt Plumme of Yeliam certain houses etc lying in Wickham I intend them to be annured to Mirabelle for her life after her decease and to our heirs in performance of my promise and contract with Jn Poter esq her father remainder to right heirs and me if annuration not made before my death my tenement with hopyard thereto belonging and my arable fields called Sheepecote Field containing 26a and the 6a adjoining and meadow all copyhold holden of the manor of Hedingham upland which tenement fields etc I late bought of Thos Sadleton also one tenement with orchard called Rayes held by copy of court roll of the priory of Earls Colne shall be sold by executors for the true performance of this my will etc such money as shall be received to be divided amongst my children I bequeath to Kath my daughter 100li I bequeath to Jn my son 40li I bequeath to Edm my son 40li I bequeath to Thos my son 40li if Mirabelle my wife will take upon her the education and bringing up she to retain their portion giving her bond to execution until they reach 21yr but if she does not take them then they are to be put forth by my executors when they may be honestly and conveniently brought up and instructed and sufficient bond must be taken of them who shall take them until they receive their money at 21yr if god sends me more children they are to have 40li at 21yr if not sufficient money from the aforesaid sale of land etc then it shall come from goods and chattels if same not surrendered before I die then money to come from sale of goods chattels any devise the same hereafter notwithstanding if children die before 21yr then portion to be equally divided amongst remainder I bequeath to Mirabelle one yearly rent charge or annuity of 10li from all my lands and tenements except those lands and tenements before this my last will and testament devised to be paid unto her yearly at annunciation and michaelmas after my decease by my son and heir Wm Brewster Wm my son if he if he omits to pay the 10li within twenty eight days of each feast then I will and devise unto my brother Jn Brewster and my brother in law Edm Poter all my lands and tenements called Segges Hall in parish of Little Yeldham to be sold by them and of the money received 100marks to Mirabelle as recompense if she accept this the annuity to cease remaining money shall go to performance of my said will Wm my son and heir plus all my lease lands any money over equally divided amongst my wife and son except my wife's apparel and jewellery which she is to keep and my own apparel to Wm I appoint as my executors my well beloved wife Mirabelle Jn Brewster my brother E dm Poter my brother in law Wm Brewster my son and Robt Plume my very friend of Yeldam witnesses Edm Poter and Jn Brewster Geo Ward Dulston Baldwyn Edm Barnard of Hedingham