Wills (ERO D/ABW41/283 Edw Watson of Ware Hertfordshire 1617)

=.8.1617 (August 1617)

document 3600853

memorandum that the =.8.1617 Edw Watson of Ware in the county of Hertford yeoman being sick in body yet of perfect mind and memory did by word of mouth his last will nuncupative in manner and form following or the like in effect viz he being asked what should become of his goods and chattels in Ware after his death he said they should remain to his two daughters to whom he did give them equally to be divided between them and he did appoint Steph Lammas of Ware aforesaid maltster to be executor of this will to see it performed and his debts paid with this proviso that if his copyhold land in Essex did by cause of law fall to his eldest daughter that then his youngest daughter shall content herself with such lands as shall wholly fall to her but if his said lands in Essex did fall to both his daughters as to heirs by the custom of the manor wherein the lands doth hold then his movable goods and chattels to remain to both his daughters equally to distribute between them and this he made his will and dispose of his goods and chattels in the presence of the said Geo Mead of Ware and Thos Hodge of Stemven and others