Wills (PROB11/280/441 Jn Harvy 1657 1658)

5.5.1657 (Tuesday 5 May 1657)

document 4301850

in the name of god amen the last will and testament of Jn Harvy of Earls Colne in the county of Essex miller being in perfect mind and remembrance though in body sick and weak who giveth and bequeathed as followeth imprimis first and principally I commit my soul to god my creator in the merits of his only son my redeemer in whom I hope and steadfastly believe for salvation secondly I commit my body to the earth to be decently buried according to the custom of the place I now live in and for my worldly goods god hath given and endued me withal I give and bequeath as followeth item I give and bequeath unto Hen Harvy my elder brother who liveth in Albery in the same county miller and to my brother Joseph Harvy of Lair Delay wheelwright I give all that money that money (sic) that is in the hands of Robt Rea my father in law who liveth in Much Branley yeoman which money is threescore and six pounds (66li) the which I give to my brother Hen Harvy and Joseph Harvy my brother to be equally divided betwixt them both item I give unto my brother Hen Harvy and Joseph Harvy over and above 7li10s which is in the hands of Robt Cofill of West Donyland alias Beare Church as will appear by a bond for the same to be equally divided betwixt them my debts being paid and my funeral discharged by mine executors whom I ordain my brother Hen Harvy and Joseph Harvy my natural brethren to see this my last will and testament performed and hereunto I have set to my hand and seal this 5.5.1657 the mark of Jn Harvy sealed and delivered in the presence of us the mark of Francis Smith Jas Markhan before the sealing it is the will of me Jn Harvy I desire and do appoint that my brother Joseph shall deliver in my brother Hen a bond which he keepeth for in which is for 5li