Wills (PROB11/291/329 Martha Langford 1658/9 1659)

10.2.1659 (Thursday 10 February 1659)

document 4302264

memorandum that Martha Langford late of Earls Colne in the county of Essex spinster deceased did whilst she was of sound mind memory and understanding on the 10.2.1659 in english style make and declare her last will and testament nuncupative with an intent to settle her estate in these or the like words following that is to say I give my upper petticoat and waistcoat to Math Veale and my under petticoat to Betty Potter and each of them a handkerchief to Grace Sillitoe (may be Grace Sillitoe) one handkerchief and my coifs to be parted amongst them I give to my cousins Mary and Betty Cressener my two rings and also my piece work desk and cover of a book I give to my late mistress     and her daughter mr Lonmes and his wife to goody Bridge and my cousins Cressener and his wife to each of them a mourning ring all my other goods monies and debts whatsoever I give unto my cousin Geo Cressener and Mary Cressener his wife to dispose of as they or either of them shall think fit and I appoint them or one of them to receive the same and to pay such debts as I do owe and to bury me as they shall think fit all which or to the same effect and substance she did voluntarily and freely declare as aforesaid for and as her last will and testament revoking all former wills by her at any time made whatsoever in the presence and hearing of credible witnesses Mary Bridge the mark of Mathey Veale and upon the 11.2.1658 she the said Martha Langford the testatrix being then also in sound memory and understanding did call the said Martha Veale (sic) being one of the witnesses and said unto her these or the like words in effect viz at the time of making my will I for got my aunt Hussey I desire that my cousin would give her 3li the mark of Math Veale