Wills (ERO D/ACW16/308 Wm Brewer sen of Great Tey 1662)

1662 (1662)

document 4500359

memorandum that Wm Brewer the elder late of Earles the parish of Great Tey deceased did in his lifetime whilst he was of good and perfect memory make several wills in writing in all which he nominated and appointed his eldest son Wm Brewer his sole executor which said wills as he had occasion by the death of his children and lastly upon the death of his wife he did alter and cause to be new written and gave direction to Wm Adams to write this his last will hereunto annexed according to his former last will only to leave out what therein did relate of any gift to his wife she being dead in which will he had nominated the said Wm Brewer his eldest son his sole executor which cause of nominating of him the said Wm to be executor of this his last will hereunto annexed was omitted by the mere neglect and error of the said Wm Adams the writer thereof to be inserted therein yet the said testator did whilst he was of perfect mind and memory declared to the said Wm Adams and the said Wm Brewer his son and others that he the said Wm his eldest son should be his sole executor to this his last will Wm Adams Wm Brewer