Wills (ERO D/ACW17/80 Martha Brownson 1664/5)

1.3.1665 (Wednesday 1 March 1665)

document 4501405

I Martha Brownson of Earls Colne do on the 1.3.1665 make and ordain this my last will and testament imprimis I give to Wm Harlakenden of the same parish esq the bed in the parlour and all things belonging thereto with the great chest also in the parlour and whatsoever he pleaseth of any small things I leave to his dispose item I give to mrs Owens one pair of sheets a wicker chair a wainscot glass case a brazen pestle and mortar my best stuff coat a box smoothing iron a say apron item to her maid all her small wearing linen great cupboard in the hall one little table all her earthenware an old skillet a brass kettle and all appurtenances to the dairy viz bellows firepan tongs etc one pewter dish over above and a bed with all belonging to it two feather pillows chair reel and wheel one long chest and with other things mr Harlakenden thinks fit item I give to mrs Josceling the screen as it stands by the chimney item I give to my cousin Jn Gulston 40s and to my cousin his brother 40s to my cousin Chrismas my best cloth waistcoat and 20s to her two daughters 10s each of them to my cousin Gulston her sister 20s and to her maid Ann Hutton 40s to my sister Everitt 20s to her two daughters 10s either of them to goodman Peak 5s all my debts I will to be truly paid and I appoint my loving friend Wm Harlakenden executor of this my will and if there remain any overplus of goods or money I give it to my cousin Jn Gulston to whom I give my long table in the hall and forms declared to be her last will and testament in presence of us Ralph Josselin mark Ann Hutton (may be Ann Hutton)