Wills (ERO D/ACW23/117 D/ACR12/53 Mary Bayly 1705)

2.6.1705 (Saturday 2 June 1705)

document 5301095

2.6.1705 I Joseph Bayly executor of the will of Mary Bayley deceased do declare in the presence of almighty god the witness of the truth of what I say that I am a dissenter commonly called a quaker and that this paper contains the true last will and testament of the within named Mary Bayly abovesaid deceased so far as I know or believe and that I will well and truly perform the same by first paying the debts of the said deceased and then the legacies contained in the same will so far as the goods chattels and credits will thereunto extend and the law charge me and that I will bring in a true and perfect inventory of the said goods chattels and credits by the time assigned me by the court and also make a true account when thereunto lawfully required Joseph Bayly the said Joseph Bayly made the aforesaid declaration before me Jn Talbor doctor of divinity surrogate