Wills (PROB11/531 Rose Abbutt 1712 1712)

4.12.1712 (Saturday 4 December 1712)

document 5500873

as a codicil to my will I further add that whereas in my said will some lands are given unto my brother Hen Abbutt he paying the sum of 100li my will and meaning is that the said 100li shall be paid to my executors towards the payment of my debts and for default of payment thereof it shall and may be lawful for my executors to enter into and upon the said lands or premises until the said sum of 100li shall be fully satisfied and paid out of the same and whereas my said late father made myself and Solomon Grimston of Chappell alias Pontesbright in the county of Essex executors my will and meaning is that my executors shall and will save harmless and keep indemnified the said Solomon Grimston his executors and administrators for and by reason of any of the debts or legacies of my said father and that his and my debts and legacies shall be paid before my debt upon Monkdowns witness my hand and seal the 4.12.1712 Rose Abbutt witnesses to this codicil Mary Glascock the mark of Mary North Mortlock Coldham