Wills (ERO D/ACW27NEWMAN D/ACR14/389 Robt Newman 1730/1 1733)

28.4.1732 (Friday 28 April 1732)

document 5800920

as a codicil to my will I add that I have given unto Susanna my daughter 500li I do hereby revoke the said legacy of 500li and do give her but 300li to be paid at such time as the said legacy of 500li is in my said will ordered to be paid in case both my children Robt and Susanna shall happen to die without issue in the lifetime of Susanna my wife and my said wife shall marry again and have a child or children then I give and devise unto the said Susanna my wife and her heirs all my aforesaid messuages lands and tenements herein before given to my said children in witness whereof I the said Robt Newman have to this codicil set my hand and seal the 28.4.1732 witness by us in the presence of the testator Jn Granger Sam Smith S Grimston Robt Newman (signature very shaky)