Wills (ERO D/DPr426 inventory of the goods and stock of Rich Harlakenden of Earls Colne 1631)

29.8.1631 (Monday 29 August 1631)

document 6300005

a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the chattels goods debts and ready monies of Rich Harlakenden esq late of Earls Colne in the county of Essex deceased taken valued and prized upon 29.8.1631 and 31.8.1631 by Thos Harlakenden of Earls Colne gent and Jn Hawkesby of Earls Colne presbyter in the hall imprimis one drawing table and one long table with two other tables with forms and one pair of andiron 46s8d in the parlour item one table two livery tables two chairs six joined stools two little stools six cushions two forms a pair of cobirons creepers tongs and fire pan a pair of virginals three pictures hangings and carpet and some books 6li in the dining chamber item one livery drawing table two livery tables four chairs fourteen cushion stools one pair of cobirons and a tapestry carpet 13li in the middle room item two chests a little cupboard and two stools 13s4d item in the great chamber one bedstead with curtains one feather bed bolster two pillows a pair of blankets one coverlet a livery cupboard three chairs seven little stools a pair of andirons hangings of dornick a livery cupboard cloth 10li item in the canopy chamber one bedstead with a bed furnished one cypress chest a little cupboard one chair two stools a pair of little andiro ns 6li item in his own chamber the bed and bedstead with the furniture the hangings four chests two trunks two chairs one stool a great cushion livery table with a cloth upon it a pair of cobirons with chimney furniture 12li item in the dark chamber one bedstead with lumber 20s item in the garrets old lumber 10s item in the little chamber one further bed and bedstead two bolsters two pillows two blankets a rug with other things 4li item in the upper little chamber a half headed bedstead with a feather bed a bolster pillow two blankets a coverlet an iron chest an old canopy a chair and stool 5li item in the kitchen chamber two bedsteads two feather beds two pairs of blankets two old rugs three bolsters three pillows and five green curtains with the rods 9li item more in the kitchen chamber one standing press one cupboard three chests two little stools with other l umber 5li item in the maids chamber one bedstead with a feather bed bolster blanket and coverlet 3li item in the parlour chamber one bedstead and curtains two feather beds with a flockbed with two blankets two bolsters two pillows stools a little chair and a side table a board cloth with hangings and other things 12li item in the standing press two tapestry coverlets and a yarn one 8li item in another chamber of the maids one bedstead one feather bed one bolster one coverlet one blanket two little tables two chairs with other lumber 5li item in the clerks chamber one bedstead with the bed and furniture and one side table with a chest of books 5li item in the bailiffs chamber a half headed bedstead with a feather bed furnished with a side table three stools and other lumber 3li item in another servants chamber one trundle bed with a feather bed and other furniture 11s item in the armoury chamber the armour one iron chest wool and other lumber 9li item in the butlers chamber one ha lf headed bedstead with bed and furniture with one hutch and lumber 1s item in the monument chamber one feather bed one bedstead with furniture with stained clothes and other lumber 7li item in the husbandman's chamber two bedsteads with flock beds with the furniture and other lumber 3li10s item in mrs Clenche her chamber one trundle bed a feather bed bolster a blanket two danske chests and some books 4li6s8d item lumber in the saddle house 10s item the plate being one basin and ewer a casting bottle four bowls one goblet four tankards three salts two porringers one sugar box sixteen spoons 52li item the linen 65li item the pewter 7li item the brass 6li item in the kitchen jack trammels spits with other lumber 3li item in the brewing house the copper and brewing vessels 10li item in the pastry divers tubs and lumber 15s item in the larder two keeps two tables a little cupboard and two or three other little tables 20s item in the outer larder lumber 20s item in the dairy cheese press tubs and milk vessels 4li item in the cheese chamber in cheese 6li13s4d item in the mill the stones with other implements with a bed furnished cupboard table clock or bell with other lumber 7li item in the cellar one table one stool one little cupboard one chest twenty two hogsheads with pots jacks and ten d ozen of trenchers 3li6s8d item his wearing apparel linen 40li item his monies in his purse 5li item in the monument house a few old monuments with other lumber 40li chattels and goods without the house imprimis the corn in the barns of all kinds 90li item the hay 30li item the cows being thirty one 91li item more at the Park three cows six year old bullocks and two two year old bullocks 24li item more at the Park horse mares and colts eleven 15li item more at the Park in sheep and lambs one hundred and fifteen 30li item more at home four wennels 4li item at home more ten sheep and three lambs 5li item three geldings one mill horse and nine cart jades 40li item the hops of 20acres of ground 400li item the coals which are ready burnt 20li item the wood and timber 26li13s4d item bricks already burnt 10li item one coach and coach harness 7li item two carts two tumbrels two pairs of harrows harness and other implements 10li item seven haires# 7li item corn at the Park 15li item hay at Ramptons 7li item dung and compost 40s item timber sawn racks 40s item hogs twelve 6li item pigs 20s item poultry 20s item the tilths of the ground being 50acres 16li item more for compost (compasse) 3li item more in three closets a clock a map books trunks and other implements 3li item in the stable saddles bridles and divers other lumber implements 3li item debts owing to the said deceased by several parties 35li 1242li5s sum total 1242li5s this inventory shown 21.10.1631 by mr Rich Harlakenden eldest natural son of the said deceased as executor as proper and full inventory etc Edm Woodhall registrar