Wills (ERO D/ACR 22/479 Thos Wing 1852 1854)

27.9.1852 (Friday 27 September 1852)

document 93001065

I Thos Wing of Earls Colne in the county of Essex gentleman hereby revoke all former wills and testamentary dispositions by me made and do declare this to be my last will and testament first I direct that all my just debts and my funeral and testamentary expenses be paid as soon as conveniently may me after my decease and I give unto my executors hereinafter named and their heirs all and every my freehold messuages or tenements lands hereditaments and real estate whatsoever and wheresoever with their respective appurtenances upon trust that they my executors or the survivor of them his executors of administrators do and shall sell and dispose thereof by public auction or private contract and together or in lots as they or he may think fit proper and with power to buy in the same at any auction and again offer the same for sale without being responsible for any loss in so doing and do and shall convey and assure the same when sold to the purchaser and purchasers thereof and I also direct and e mpower my executors for the time being acting under this my will in like manner to sell and dispose of all and every my copyhold or customary hereditaments and premises and with the like power for buying in and again offering the same for sale as is herein before mentioned with regard to my freehold hereditaments and the clear monies to arise as well by sale of my said freehold and copyhold or customary hereditaments and from the rents and profits until sale as also from all and singular my personal estate I dispose of as hereinafter is mentioned and for facilitating the sale and sales herein before directed my will is that the receipt and receipts of the executors or executor for the time being acting under this my will shall be good and effectual discharges or a good and sufficient discharge for all monies payable to them or him under this my will and which in and by such receipt or receipts shall be acknowledged or expressed to be received and s hall effectually exonerate the purchaser or purchasers or other persons paying the same monies from all liability to see to the application thereof of any part thereof and I give and bequeath out of the monies to arise from my said real and personal estate the legacies following that is to say to my nieces Sarah Wing of Braintree and Clara Wing of London each the sum of £200 sterling to the children of their sister Mary Ann Abbott the wife of Wm Abbott of Chelmsford the like sum of £200 to be equally divided between them if more than one part and share alike and in case one only should me survive the whole to that one the same to be vested in them respectively at my decease to my sister Eliz Mills of Chelmsford the sum of £100 to my said stepdaughter Mary Ann Jenner wife of Steph Jenner of Southampton the sum of £500 to the children of the late Wm Tawell the younger of Midhurst in Sussex draper by his first wife Sarah the daughter of the late mr Jn White the sum of £500 equally to be divided between them part and share alike and the shares to be vested in them respectively at my decease to my niece Mary Ann Purkis daughter of my brother Mark Wing the sum of £200 to my niece Louisa Wing her sister the sum of £100 to my nephew Edw Ready of Sudbury collar maker the sum of £200 and to his brother Dan Ready of Braintree the sum of £300
Ready died 13.11.1852 all which said legacies herein before mentioned I will shall be paid to the legatees then of age at the end of six calendar months next after my decease in case my real estate shall be then disposed of and my personal estate collected and gotten in and if not then so soon afterwards as it may be convenient to my executors to pay the same and to such of the legatees not then of the age of twenty-one years when and as they severally attain that age to my housekeeper Sarah Ray if in my service at my decease I give the sum of £10 and to my man Thos Sadd if in my service at my decease the like sum of £10 and to each of my executors hereinafter named the sum of 19gns as some compensation for the trouble they may have in the execution of my said will and as my desire is to give legacies for mourning to my relations attending my funeral I accordingly give to the thirteen persons next hereinafter named in the event of their so attending the sum of £10 each for such mourning namely to my brother Mark Wing and his wife my sister Eliz Mills
my sister Eliz Mills died 23.4.1854 my nephew Zach Farrants and his wife Wm Wing of London my niece Sarah Wing of Braintree and her sister Clara Wing of London Mary Ann the wife of Wm Abbott of Chelmsford Edw Ready and his wife(inserted) and to Dan Ready and his wife which several last mentioned legacies commencing with that to my housekeeper my will is should be paid as soon after my decease as conveniently may be and all the rest and residue of the monies to arise from my estate and effects I give to my brother Mark Wing and my said nephew Zach Farrants equally to be divided between them part and share alike to and for their own respective use and benefit and I nominate and appoint my friends Jn Dixon Piper of Colne Engaine miller and Jas Augustus Tawell of Earls Colne aforesaid draper executors and trustees of this my will provided always and in case either of the legatees in this my will should be under the age of twenty-one years at the time of my decease my will is that their legacies respectively shall be placed out at interest on good security in the names of my executors until they attain to that age or their legacies respectively become otherwise payable and the interest to arise from such legacies respectively in the meantime I direct may from time to time be applied for or towards the maintenance education or benefit of the legatees respectively in such ways as my executors may think proper in witness whereof I have to this my will set my hand the 27.9.1852 Thos Wing signed by the said testator Thos Wing as his will in our presence being both present together and in his and each others presence and at his request we subscribe our names as witnesses Sarah Tawell of Earls Colne Sam Wittey solicitor Colchester