Wills (ERO D/ACR 22/479 Thos Wing 1852 1854)

11.3.1853 (Friday 11 March 1853)

document 93001070

by way of codicil to my before written will I give and devise to Sarah Tawell of Earls Colne one of the daughters of Wm Tawell of that place the two cottages with the bake office gardens and appurtenances thereto belonging situate at White Colne in the county of Essex in the occupation of Jn Leathersole and Phil Buck and which I purchased of one Mott to hold the same premises unto the said Sarah Tawell her heirs and assigns for ever and whereas my step daughter Mary Ann Jenner has died since the date of my said will and left two children now I give and bequeath unto each of those children £100 to be paid to them at their respective ages of twenty-one years and the interest of their said legacies to be applied in the meantime for their benefit as my said executors may think proper dated the 11.3.1853 Thos Wing signed by the said Thos Wing in our presence we being both present at the same time and in his and each other's presence have hereunto set our names as witnesses Hen Wittey Colchester Sam Foreman Earls Colne