Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000270

Free deed of the Priory - rent £1.6.3d James Phil Honywood Sam Forster 5.4.1832 in trust etc. acknowledge free tenure - for a messuage and lands formerly called Procknotts , and now called Gatehouse Farm - held by free deed, fealty and the annual rent of £1.6.3d - and paid a relief

The fine paid by the trustees of Wm Phil Honywood esq on the death of his father - as assessed in both manors at a court holden 5.4.1832 and described page 74 to page 80, inclusive - was £53

and for the respective reliefs in land etc. holden by free deed £2.6s2d

For the whole of Procknotts - now called The Gatehouse - see the Commutation map by which it amounts to 110a35p but there is an error as to one field no 288 (288) - 8a3r29p - belongs to Booms Farm Jn Moy (late Thos Batt ) and 289 (289) - 8.1.22 - parcel of the Gatehouse - is given to Moy's farm. This error I have noted on the Commutation map. The land lies chiefly together on either side of Crossgate Lane but two fields are situate on the river near Burrows Bridge the greater part of one of them lying in Colne Engaine. The field abutting upon Feering parish - next to Porch House garden is still called Porch Field

The acknowledgement of free tenure etc. has been more uniform than is usual with property holden by free deed. There is however a part of it - namely Blakes no. 272 (272) (272a) - 7a3r31p lying near Peartree Hall now in occupation of Robt Jas Pudney - which is properly held of the Earldom by a separate rent of 12s. The remainder of Procknutts is held of the Priory - rent 14s3d. In 1657 I find that Wm Aylett paid a relief for land called Prucknetts holden of the Earldom - rent 14s3d - and for lands called Blakes holden of the Priory manor 12s. They have been assessed together for many years as holden of the Priory manor rent £1.6s3d which brings the amount under the operation of the land tax - but it must now remain undisturbed. H.H.C.