Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000800

H.S. Skingley now mrs Thos Griffinhoofe

In my memorial investigations, I have met with nothing more intricate than these copyholds: - I have taken great pains in tracing the titles through the rolls and identifying them with the maps and survey of 1598 - and the Commutation map of 1836 - The respective parcels as here entered at pages 163-165 and 167 comprise the whole copyhold estate of mrs Griffinhoofe - How or when some of these parcels acquired the names entered on the rolls I cannot discover - and those who have preceded me in the like research, seem equally at fault - much difficulty has arisen from contiguous estates, now in the several possession of mrs Griffinhoofe - mrs Gee - mr Phil Nunn and the late mr Thos Wing being often in the same hands, and the then proprietor making alterations involving a severance of copyhold of the same name etc. before conveying them to other parties - the series of maps attached to this rental, will I hope render the respective properties tolerably clear

The quitrents as traced through various rentals for two or three centuries seem to have been more accurately preserved and appear the same in amount as herein stated

1860 H.S. Skingley now wife of rev Thos Griffinhoofe of Arksden - surrendered to the Halstead and Colne Valley Railway Company parcels of Great Bridgemans - Bridgemans Meadow and Mill Hobstevens amounting together to 2a26p - which quantity of this copyhold was enfranchised by the company - vide sketch annexed - paid £50

loose sketch plan of land bought by the railway

tracing from the map and survey of 1598 showing where the railway line crosses the copyhold on mrs Griffinhoofe's farm all in manor of Earls Colne

loose sketch plan showing where railway passes through Earls Colne

tracing from the tithe commutation map of 1836 showing where the railway passes over the copyhold and also where is passes through the parish of Earls Colne the portion of 496 (496) below the dotted line and also a small portion of no. 497 (497) are in the parish of Colne Engain

the quantity of copyhold taken by the railway is 2a26p marked on the railway plan no. 8, 9, 11, 12 and 13

no. 490 (490) Burrows Bridge Field mrs Gee's copyhold

495 and 496 (495) (496) mr Honywood's land - freehold

497 (497) Old House Farm mrs Gee freehold

503 (503) Bridgmans mrs Griffinhoofe's trustees - no. on railway plan 9

504 (504) Bridgmans Meadow ditto - no. on railway plan 8

505 (505) The Meadow ditto - no. on railway plan 13

506 (506) Mill Hop Stevens Grove ditto - no. on railway plan 11

507 (507) Mill Hop Stevens ditto - no. on railway plan 12