Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

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The intricate nest of cottages etc. lying between the church yard and Bearcroft Lane is very imperfectly given in the Commutation map of 1836 - The attached map and measurement was made by Robt Pudney jun 1855 - The numbers and quantities here given are from the Commutation map - some additional buildings since 1836 are marked by letters - (some are freehold)

no. 1.1 (1) church and churchyard 1a8p

2.2 (2) house and garden 32p (with no. 469 (469) - 1r22p) free deed of Earldom M.H. Ruffle and S. Ruffle 2r14p

3.3 (3) house and garden - called Charles Paine - copyhold of Earldom - Mary H. Ruffle 1r14p

4 (4) double tenement etc. on Hall Green - Jas Patterson copyhold of Earldom 27p

5.5 (5) (5a) double tenement near the church W. Fisher Hobbs - copyhold of Earldom and 5A (5b) grant from waste 1845 stable and chaise house - Wm Fisher Hobbs copyhold of Earldom 18p

6.6.6 (6) double tenement and garden - near churchyard - W.F. Hobbs 29p

7.7.7 (7) (7a) cottage (shop) - double tenement and gardens - Edmund Smee copyhold of Earldom - 16p

8.8 (8) tenement and garden - freehold

10.10 (10) (9.10.11 in Commutation map) Wm Ford late Everett freehold

12 (12) double tenement called Brownes - Mary Ann Brown late Z. Everett copyhold of Earldom 7p

13a (13a) cottage and yard with coal shed belonging to the parish - freehold 2p

13.13.13 (13) (13a) tenements and gardens Rumbles wife of Sayers freehold 5p

78 (78) (78a) (78b) (78c) (78d) (78e) (78f) plantation Watkinson late Walker's trustees - site of several copyholds etc.

loose sketch plan

no. 1 Everett now Wm Ford F.

no. 2.2. M.A. Brown late Z. Everett C. (torn)

4. Jas Sayer (ux Rumbles ) F

5 Edm Smee C.E.

W.F. Hobbs C.E.

I want the gardens attached to these properties - may mark them by same numbers as houses -