Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR109/61/61a)

2.4.1589 (Wednesday 2 April 1589)

document 20300330

Wm Rust of Felstead clerk taken before the same on 22.5.1589 who says that he being desired by the wife of Robt Bigg of Felstead demanded of Margery Hawles her servant whether she were with child or no for that it was commonly reported whereupon she confessed that she was with child and that Jn Stebbing her late master was the father thereof and none but he only had to do with her which was very often "and I burdening her very much she answered me she would never slander any nor say that any other had to do with her if she should die for it for if she did she said she should offend greatly" and this she confessed unto him in .9.1588