Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR109/61/61a)

2.4.1589 (Wednesday 2 April 1589)

document 20300257

Margt Hawles wife of Robt Hawles of Chappel parish and sister of Margery Hawles taken as above who says that presently after Braintree fair the day certainly she remembreth not the said Jn Stebbinge came to her house where Margery Hawles was and in the presence of this examinant he gave her 4s with these words that if he knew where she might be well kept he would pay for her charges and take away the child when it was born and further says that within some five or six days after the said Jn met this examinant the said Margery and her father in law in a meadow in the parish of Toppesfield and there amongst other speeches he did utterly deny to this examinant that he was father unto the said Margery 's child but at the coming of the said Margery and in the presence of this examinant he took her by the hand and confessed that he had carnally to do with her with these words to wit "that if thou hadst made me privy that thou hadst been with child before it had been commonly known I would have placed you and seen you well kept in such secret manner that it should not have been blazed abroad as now it is" and also says that the said Jn did tender unto Jn Blithe her father in law 20nobles to discharge him of the child of the said Margery to be paid the wednesday following at the widow Brown's house at Bumpstead and moreover says that at his first being at her house the said Margery and he being in a chamber together and this examinant being in the next room adjoining thereunto she heard the said Jn tell the said Margery that he would give her 5li and take away the child and discharge the other charges