Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR109/61/61a)

2.4.1589 (Wednesday 2 April 1589)

document 20300190

examinations examined on behalf of the plaintiff Margt Pullyn wife of Hen Pullyn of Gaines Colne the midwife Joan wife of Walt Newman and Audrey wife of Morrice Hurrell of Earls Colne upon their oaths taken before Israel Amies and Antho Maxey esquires these examinants say that they demanded of Margery Hawles in the time of her travail who was in truth the father of her child as she would answer it before god and hope to obtain his favour and mercy who said "god willing so she would for she would belie no man" whereupon she said that it was Jn Stebbing's of Stambourne her late master and no other's but only his and further the said Joan Newman did carefully examine her before her said travail who then answered her as afterwards she did in her said travail whereupon this examinant said unto her "what a graceless and faithless wench art thou unto thy dame dwelling in her house for to do so foul a fact with thy master" who said that he had been enticing her to this folly a year or thereabouts and that she said to this examinant that he told the said Margery that he knew his wife should not live long and then after her death he would marry her in recompense to have his will and further the said Margery told this examinant that the said Jn proffered her 20nobles to charge some other man to father her said child