Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR193/81)

29.11.1610 (Thursday 29 November 1610)

document 20500811

examination of Tim Wayngford who saith that on sunday last 25.11. he went from his mother's house in Halstead in the forenoon and came to Halstead church before the minister went up into the pulpit and there continued all the sermon time and then went back to his mother's house to dine and there continued all the afternoon and there did sup also and after supper that night about eight or nine of the clock there came to his mother's house Jn Wayngford his brother and Wm Hynde who dwelt in Stebbing as he saith but with whom he knoweth not and there continued one hour eating and drinking and then they three went away together through the ground of Edw Chaplin of Halstead gentleman towards the house of one Bavell# of Halstead but went not to the said Bavell's but went together back again into the ground of one Byrton of Halstead and there this Hynde left them and went towards Braintree and they two brothers went back to their mother's house and Jn went home to his master mr Nevill's house that night he further said that Hynd did pull out a ferret of his pocket as soon as they three went out of his mother's house that night and carried in his hand through Chaplins ground there Hynds put the ferret into the ground and there until the ferret was taken up and carried away by Chaplin's servant called Simon Hervy and then they three departed as aforesaid and he saith that he hath no hay or pursenets but one cony dog also that he with Edw Clibbrey of Halstead junior tailor did go into Chaplin's ground on sunday last was sennight 18.11. in the afternoon and there continued with two dogs until five of the clock that afternoon and confessed with these dogs then and there did hunt the conies of the said Edw Chaplin but killed none but confessed that he hath heretofore killed some conies there which he carried to his father's house Jn Wangford and there did eat them