Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR193/81)

29.11.1610 (Thursday 29 November 1610)

document 20500907

examination of Jn Wayngford who saith that about four of the clock in the afternoon of the same day he came to the house of Jonce Sowth of Great Tey and there did receive of him 40s in money which Sowth did owe to him and there continued about one hour and then came away with Tim his brother from thence and about ten of the clock in the night time came into Chaplin's ground going towards homewards towards his father's house beyond Grenestrett Greene in Halstead and there continued with his brother and Wm Hynds husbandman in Chaplin's ground about half an hour before Simon Hervy Chaplin's servant came to them and then they three departed as aforesaid to his father's house and then went with Hynds to Earls Colne then and there they departed and he went to the house of mr Nevill at Chapel where he dwelt and came thither about three or four of the clock in the morning that night and there continued until yesternight