Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR193/81)

30.11.1610 (Friday 30 November 1610)

document 20500952

examination of Edw Gleberye# of Halstead junior tailor who saith that on 18.11. being sunday he went to Jn Wayngford's house in Halstead the elder and there continued a little time and then went Tim and Jn Wangford and this examinant into the grounds of mr Harlakenden and there corsed one cony with dogs and killed it and went from thence into Chaplin's ground and there found another cony with their dogs and killed it and after went home directly to Waynfords again and there supped and left these two conies there and after supper went forth again about ten of the clock and carried with them one ferret seven pursenets and a bay dog and went into Chaplin's ground and there coursed in the conies with the said bay dogs and after they had driven the conies into the ground they pitched their net and put in their ferrets and caught four conies and then went home again to Wangfords house about three of the clock in the morning and two of the conies Tim gave him to carry home and further he saith that in the morning Jn Wayngford senior before he departed bade him take heed nobody did see him carry his two conies and willed his daughter to cut him a piece of bread and cheese and so he departed and further he saith that on the 24.11. being saturday Tim came to him and spoke to his father to have him go with him to Jn Wayngfords Tim 's father to help him catch some conies in Wayngford's own ground which the examinate's father gave his leave and so about eight of the clock he and Tim went together and after they came to Wayngford's house they went abroad into mr Harlakenden's ground where they killed no conies and after they went to one Burton's ground and there before his house they put their ferret into the ground and took three conies and thence went to one Pilgrim's ground and there took one other cony and thence to old Wayngford's house and carried thence four conies with them and two of the conies they gave to him and there he tarried all night and the next morning went home to his father's carrying the conies with him he further confesseth that there is kept in the house of Jn Wayngford the elder certain pursenets and casting nets and a ferret and hath been for the space of six years