Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR360/79)

25.3.1654 (Saturday 25 March 1654)

document 20600489

order made by sir Thos Honywood knight and Wm Harlakenden esq for the keeping of a child of Joan Price singlewoman reciting that on examination of her and of the women present when she travailed the justices find that Jn Jenner of White Colne sawyer had divers times knowledge of her and they adjudge him the reputed father and do order that she shall keep it until it come to the age of 8yr and that he shall pay the overseers at the rate of 12d a week to be paid monthly until it reach that age and then pay 3li towards putting it out to be an apprentice and to give security to perform this order dated at Park House in Earls Colne (signatures of the jurors)