Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR418/72)

20.10.1668 (Tuesday 20 October 1668)

document 20600937

information of Thos Evered of Castle Hedingham weaver against Sam Holden of Halstead weaver who saith that he having entertained Holden as journeyman servant in his house by the space of a week lost in the night time one pair of sheets nine skaines of warp 5lb of cheese one leg of mutton and some other small things which he missed in the morning and looking for Holden he was not to be found in the house but was gone before this informant and his wife did rise which was about sun up and about three weeks since but the very night he doth not well remember and that Holden hath stolen the same things from him and till this time could never find out the said offender mark Thos Evered Jn Symonds