Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR418/72)

20.10.1668 (Tuesday 20 October 1668)

document 20600956

examination of Sam Holden who saith that the night on which the informant chargeth him with felony he came very late from Earls Colne where he had been at his father's house and he rose not from bed till after sun up and that he did not take away any of the goods charged on him and saith that he hath nine skeins of yarn of his mother to make him stockings which yarn he left with one Barnes of Halstead and from thence carried the same to one Newton's house that he had about 5lb cheese which he bought of the said Evered and that he bought a leg of mutton and sent it to the informants house and carried it away as his own mark Sam Holden Jn Symonds