Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR429/71)

18.6.1675 (Friday 18 June 1675)

document 20601107

conviction by Jn Marshall esq of Jn Garwood of Earls Colne labourer Jn Sewell of Alphamstone labourers Sarah the wife of Jn Poole of Pebmarsh yeoman Anna wife of Thos Coe of Pebmarsh yeoman by the information and on the oaths of Wm Tressall clerk and Jn Meriton yeoman both of Pebmarsh because on 15.6. they assembled at Pebmarsh in the house of Kath Stow widow there together with divers other persons under colour of religion in an unlawful conventicle for which the said justice has imposed a fine of 5s on each of them and Kath Stow has forfeited the sum of 20li for her offence and a fine of 20li is imposed on her by the said justice and Jn Cutler of Great Cornard Suffolk gentleman 18.6. was convicted before the said justice for preaching in the said conventicle and has forfeited 20li for his offence and a fine of 20li is imposed on him by the said justice Jn Marshall of Cutler the preacher no distresses to be taken 4.4.1676 Jn Marshall esq brought 7li here in court paid it to the sheriff(inserted)