Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR572)

14.1.1718 (Tuesday 14 January 1718)

document 20700059

memo 22.10.1717 Joseph Abbutt late of Great Coggeshall gentleman owes the king 20li upon condition that he the said Joseph Abbutt shall and do personally appear at the next general quarter sessions to be held at Chelmsford for the said county of Essex and do then and there answer such matters and things which Thos Argent constable of the parish of Great Coggeshall aforesaid in the execution of his office and assaulting of Jas Marsh his assistant endeavouring to relieve a prisoner out of his hands and to do and receive what shall then and there be enjoined him by the court and in the mean time to keep the peace etc especially towards Thos Argent and Jas Marsh and not depart the court without leave