Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR655)

9.1.12Geo2 (Tuesday 9 January 1739)

document 20700601

jury present that Rich Rant late of Earls Colne in the said county of Essex labourer the 28.12.12Geo2 with force and arms and so forth at Earls Colne aforesaid in the county aforesaid in and upon one Branden Traherne in the peace of god and of our said lord the now king then and there being did make an assault and him the said Branden did then and there with force and arms and so forth most grievously and dangerously beat wound and evilly intreat so that his life was greatly despaired of the said Brandon Traherne then and there being one of the bailiffs of Hugh Smith esq high sheriff of the said county of Essex and then and there in the due execution of his office to the great damage of the said Brandon to the bad example of all others in the like case of offending and against the peace of our now said lord the king his crown and dignity true bill Brandon Traherne sworn