Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR665)

15.5.1741 (Friday 15 May 1741)

document 20700620

be it remembered that on the 15.5.1741 Jn Halleday of the parish of Alphamstone in the county aforesaid blacksmith came before me Robt Brage esq one of his majesties justices of the peace for the said county of Essex and did acknowledge himself indebted to our sovereign lord king Geo2 his heirs and successors in the sum of 40li Francis Halleday of Earls Colne in the said county labourer in the sum of 20li Wm Brewster of Little Yeldham in the said county sayweaver in the sum of 20li whereas Eliz Poole of Alphamstone aforesaid singlewoman hath declared herself to be with child and that such child is likely to be born a bastard and chargeable to the said parish of Alphamstone and upon her examination taken at her own request and upon oath before the said justice she hath charged the above bounden Jn Halleday to have gotten her with child the above bounden Jn Halleday shall personally appear at the next general quarter sessions of the peace to be holden etc Robt Brage