Quarter Sessions Depositions (ERO Q/SBa2/19)

4.6.1634 (Wednesday 4 June 1634)

document 20800005

information of Robt Cowell of White Colne yeoman taken on oath before Jn Wakeringe esq 4.6.1634 he said that he lost three sheep one after the other at several times about =.2.last past and the last sheep that was so stolen went in this informant's ground near the house of one Geo Hunwick of Earls Colne who being a party suspected this informant procured a warrant to search all suspected places and carrying the same to the constable of Earls Colne they went to the said Hunwick's house where they finding wool that was new washed being skin wool which this informant thought and yet thinketh was the wool of this informant's sheep that was last stolen the said Hunwick's wife said her husband bought it a week before and talking after with the said Hunwick himself he said it was saymed# wool and that he had some of it about a year before and being told men do not use to wash out the sayme# of wool to lose that cost then he said he had laid his boy on it who had soiled it so as he was driven to wash it and the constable going at another time since to apprehend him to go before a justice of the peace to be examined touching the premises the said Hunwick was denied to be at home and yet the constable endeavouring to know the truth by seeing whether he was in the house or not he held the door against the constable and was in the house but made resistance and would not obey the constable and the said Hunwick is defamed for a common pilferer of wood hens and other things but this informant saith that since he first charged the said Hunwick with suspicion he hath lost no more sheep Hen Abbott constable and Wm Coell informeth the premises to be true