Quarter Sessions Process Books of Indictments (ERO Q/SPa2/1)

11Jas1 michaelmas (September 1613)

document 21100025

at the sessions of the peace at Chelmsford on thursday after easter 11Jas1 before Francis Barrington knight and bart Wm Maynard knight and other justices that Wm Adams of Earls Colne clerk and Wm Adams late of the same (Earls Colne) mercer 9.3.10Jas1 viis et armis at Earls Colne in the night broke into a close of Thos Prior and pulled up eight pales to the value of 11s of Thos Prior and took them away to reply and now etc thursday after michaelmas 11Jas1 before Francis Barrington knight Wm Ayloff knight and others came Wm Adams and Wm Adams in person to hear indictment and said not guilty and put themselves Edw Eldred their attorney appeared a day is given to them all