Quarter Sessions Order Book (ERO Q/SO1)

4.4.1654 (Tuesday 4 April 1654)

document 21300029

whereas sir Thos Honywood knight and Wm Harlakenden esq two of the justices of the peace for this court have by their order and under their hands and seals returned this present sessions declared and adjudged Jn Jenner of     to be the reputed father of a base child begotten on the body of Joan Price and born at the house of Price her father now this court cannot receive full satisfaction whether the house of the said Price lieth in the said parish of Earls Colne or White Colne notwithstanding much time hath been spent in examining witnesses thereabouts it is thereupon ordered and desired that the three next justices of the peace to the tenement in question will please to call before them the inhabitants of both the said parishes and to examine their proofs on either side and to adjudge and determine in which of the said parishes the same lieth if they can and for to cause the said Jenner to give sufficient security for the performance of the said order to the parish in which the said child shall be adjudged to be born or in default thereof to certify to their proceedings herein at the next sessions