Quarter Sessions Order Book (ERO Q/SO1)

11.7.1654 (Tuesday 11 July 1654)

document 21300081

upon the motion of mr Lingwood being of counsel with the parishioners of Middleton in this county showing that one Heard an infant the son of Jn Heard late of that town is very poor and become that parish charge and that one Simon Houldinge of Earls Colne being the natural grandfather of the said infant is a man of plentiful estate and praying that the said grandfather might provide for the said infant and keep him according to the law in that case made and provided this court doth order and refer the whole matter in difference unto mr Eden and mr Harlakenden justices of the peace who are desired to call before them all parties concerned herein and to settle the same if they can or to certify the true estate thereof at the next general sessions