Quarter Sessions: Licences of alehouses and victuallers (ERO Q/RLV7)

30Eliz1 (1588)

document 21900330

Edm Potter of Earls Colne husbandman Jn Tracer and Thos Polly senior of the same husbandmen 5li the conditions of this recognisance is such that whereas the within bounden Edm Potter is licensed to keep an alehouse or tippling house within the parish of Earls Colne during the term of one whole year next after the date of these presents if the said Edm Potter shall not at anytime hereafter during the said term suffer unlawful games to be used within the said house but shall keep and maintain good order and rule there according to the statute in that case provided nor shall kill dress utter or eat nor shall suffer to be killed dressed eaten or uttered any kind of flesh meat there in the time of lent or upon days prohibited contrary to the laws of the realm then that this recognisance to be void and to no effect or else to stand and abide in full power strength and virtue