Earls Colne and Colne Priory rental (ERO D/DU292/7)

.9.1638 (September 1638)

document 22403115

Jn Lucas and Mary his wife and Eliz his daughter in remainder do claim to hold by copy of court roll of the lord of this manor a certain messuage where the widow Abbott dwells called Old Halle by yearly rent of 1s8d and a garden belonging to it called Judges by the yearly rent of 7d and another garden called Sagish Garden belonging to it by the yearly rent of 9d and a parcel of St Mary Croft belonging to it by the yearly rent of 10d by fealty suit of court and the yearly rent spoken of and it is worth about 4li10s to 5li per annum and to this there belongs another garden called Judges illegible text which pays 11d