Colne Priory Rental (ERO D/DPr59)

4Edw6 (Tuesday 28 January 1550)

document 43401312

Stansted in Halstead Jn Litle now mr Wm Hunwicke farmer there(inserted) 40s Lavenham in Suffolk mr Robt Rochester and since mr Thos Bakew farmer 33s4d Aldham in Suffolk mr Freeman and after mr Thos Fayzy farmer there 26s8d Bewers St Marie mr Wm Scydey farmer there 9s Aldham in Essex mr Huetson parson and farmer there since Barth Church 10s Maplested Magna Gilb Ridley farmer and since Clem Cockerell 13s4d Henningham Sybill dr Rayston farmer there and since him mr Marks 10s