Colne Priory Rental (ERO D/Dpr58)

.9.1598 (September 1598)

document 43500339

of Jn Churche for a croft of land under Colne Park parcel of the tenement Parkers late of Robt and Agnes Thorne 20d and for a croft of land called Sawyers containing 4a 2d and for 2a2r parcel of Boultinghouse Croft 15d and for 4a residue of the said croft and Boultinghouse Fen late of Thos Rolte 17d and for a parcel of land enclosed at the end of the said croft 1d and for a cottage with a garden called Mugges alias Princes late his father's 1d1h and for a croft of land containing 3r late adjoining to the tenement called Boxteds 6d (391a) and for his tenement called Tredgoldes late his father's 13d1h and for Sandepittecrofte late his father's 15d
in the hands of the lord and for Inhams 15d and for a parcel late of mrs Pierson's orchard 2d and for the farm of six parcels of Oxleas 20s and for the farm of the tenement late Thorne's 2s and to the tenement and garden in Holte St called Higgins and a croft of land adjoining to the said garden called Sawyers sometime Jn Barbor's 12d and for a tenement called Boxteds late of Wm Farthinge 11d
Wm Payne Roger Moulde and for a croft of land called Wastlins alias Mourdens lying near Little Bridgemans 2d1h
Jn Churche