Earls Colne Rental (ERO D/DPr110)

18.9.1589 (Thursday 18 September 1589)

document 44401149

Agnes the wife of Wm Vesey before the wife of Robt Sayer did take of the lord for the term of her life by copy of court roll by the assent of the said Wm her husband one cottage lately builded upon parcel of the waste soil of this manor containing in length 45y and in breadth at the one end 10y and at another end thereof 4y one head thereof abutting towards the south west the other head thereof abutting towards the north west and lie between the land sometime of Wm Fynche of the one part towards the east and to the highway there leading from Colne aforesaid towards Colne Park of the other part towards the west by fealty suit of court and by the yearly rent of 6d payable as is aforesaid (426) as appeareth in the court rolls of this ma nor 28Eliz1