Earls Colne Rental (ERO D/DPr110)

18.9.1589 (Thursday 18 September 1589)

document 44401724

Geo Cressener gentleman holdeth of the lord as of the said manor by copy of court roll to him and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten the remainder for default of such issue to Mary the late wife of Humf Freebodie daughter of Thos Cressener deceased and now wife of one Charles     by virtue of the surrender of Sibil Reynold widow before called Sibil Roys the late wife of Humf Reynold and before the wife of Jn Cressener one croft of land now divided into two parcels containing by estimation 8a with appurtenances lying in a field called Lowfeilds under Chefen near to the herd house of the conduit and three crofts of land called Bromemede Crofts lying in Earls Colne aforesaid by fealty suit of court and by the yearly rent of 3s8d1h payable as is aforesaid as appeareth in the court rolls of this manor 20Eliz1 and in the rental of 3Edw6