Gilberts Tenement Rental (ERO D/DPr59)

5Hen7 (Saturday 22 August 1489)

document 44501086

Gilb Wright in 5Hen7 being seised of the whole tenement called Hynes and since Gilberts with appurtenances sold 3a of meadow parcel of the lands pertaining to the same tenement and called Hinesmede to Jeff Buckwell and the meadow lieth in Earls Colne between the lands called Borrowes on the one part and the river running from Gaines Colne Mill toward Colne Priory on the other part and the one head abutting upon the meadow called Parks Meadow to hold to him his heirs and assigns of the chief lord of the fee by the rents and services therefore due and of right accustomed and of the said Gilb by the rent of 12d by the year the same meadow sold to Wm Choppet clerk Jn Wro and others 6Hen7 the same tenure and rent still reserved Gilberds and all appurtenances whatsoever were passed over from the said Gilb Wright and other his cofeoffees to Jn Boteler and others the said 3a of meadow being excepted and the said rent of 12d passed away with the rest of the lands 13Hen7 the said Gilberts with the said rent of 12d issuing from the said 3a of meadow again passed by Wm Choppet clerk to Jn Eyer Prior of Colne and others 4Hen8