Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

19.6.1607 (Friday 19 June 1607)

document 22600010

a note of ground measured by Cobb being with Crow 16.9.1607 Curds Stile field (354) arable 9a1r24p Rounces Parke arable 9a3r14p (355) Braky Bushett (333) (334) arable 13a3r5p Pound Close arable 10a3r25p (338) Pease Eatch in Lodge Bushet arable 10a3r32p (bracketed with this) barley and oats there arable 8a3r12p Southbarnhall Field (335) arable 5a2r23p Aymes Bushet arable 15a2r30p (324) East Johnsons arable 19a2p (314) (316) Cutlers Peeces (342) (343) arable 7a3r West Johnsons arable 15a12p (323) Kings Wood arable 16a25p (348) (350) (351a) (347a)