Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

28.10.1609 (Saturday 28 October 1609)

document 22602330

5li (in the money column) memo sold Sam Brewer six bollings in the middle of the piece of (484) (484a) Bunners that abuts partly of the (478) (480) Great Barn Hawe and partly upon part of (479) Newland Meadow and all those alders and the lops of two oaken pollings standing in the fence against Newland Meadow out of which he must find himself posts to rail the meadow and plough if he need and some rails for these he must pay me besides 5li memo let him Buners and that corner of Newland Meadow for twenty-one years for 22li per annum as appears by articles set down under both our hands let him the grass sold him the stubs and cobs of trees for these and for his income he hath paid me 4li