Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

24.11.1625 (Thursday 24 November 1625)

document 22801963

24.11.1625 reckoned with goodman Rampton still for the last year he bought two cows that cost 9li he paid for soldiers 8s6d chickens 6s fifty five seams of soft corn and 2bushels at 10d 46s nine days threshing at 8d 6s four days hedging 2s8d twenty five days threshing seed at 8d 16s8d seven days and half reaping whereof three found 8s seventeen days mowing grass at 14d 19s10d his part mowing at 17d the acre of Newland Meadow 7s1d the moiety of mowing 33a half at the park of soft corn at 9d 12s4d1h and 13a that he mowed alone with 2a at home# of barley at 10d 10s10d which comes to 7li3s11d so I have received 63li and the 20s for the use of the 10li and have allowed to give him somewhat towards his loss last year so we are agreed that I have received for the last year and for the rent of the field 18s and have received onward of this year 40s