Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

21.2.1607 (Saturday 21 February 1607)

document 22901500

21.2.1607 memo sold unto Moyses Rowton and Thos Samsome 10a of my wood land measure now standing to begin at the lower end close to the gravel pit 20r in breadth and so upward all together till his 10a be out allowing me twenty hundreth hundred and twenty to the hundred of the best ash and sallow poles I to appoint one to fell them and he to pay for felling of them reserving all the old staddles and sixteen new staddles of every acre he is to hew of all his wood by the latter end of may next except his prye wood and that he is to have of by 14.6. for this he is to pay 3li10s the acre 10li at or before 16.3.next and 11li 4.4.next and the last 14li 31.5.next received in part of payment 6d by me Rich Harlakenden Moyses Rowton mark Thos Samsome