Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

18.4.1609 (Tuesday 18 April 1609)

document 22901636

18.4.1609 received by me Rich Harlakenden of Rich Ward the day and year aforesaid the sum of 20li in consideration whereof I have promised him after the recovery of the mill called Colneford Mill either in star chamber or otherwise be it in michaelmas term or before or after to make him a lease of the said mill and meadow reserving half the fish for twenty-one years for the yearly rent of 26li13s4d half yearly with a sufficient surety bound for payment thereof and for keeping possession thereof without alienating thereof to anybody except by licence in writing and a reentry for non payment of the said rent within eighteen days or after every half year the said Rich Ward within seven years sufficiently to build and repair the said dwelling house mill and banks etc and in the end an expiration so to leave them the said Rich Ward to keep the possession of the said mill to the use of the said Rich Harlakenden except by due course of law a verdict be passed against him or else the said Rich Ward to lose the said 20li in hand paid and the said Rich Ward to pay weekly every saturday morning at the house of the said Rich Harlakenden 10s till the said trial be past and the said Rich Ward in the mean time to be at all needful charges about the said mill but if it should happen upon the trial that a lease which is presented to be made by the earl of Oxford to Hen Pullen shall prove good then the said Rich Ward is to be repaid his said 20li unless as aforesaid he lose the possession thereof and consideration for the same after the rate of 10li in the hundred and to be defended and saved harmless for all the time he hath held and occupied the same other covenants concerning the lease are reserved till the sealing of the said lease by me Rich Harlakenden Jn Ward