Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

4.10.1631 (Tuesday 4 October 1631)

document 23300271

Wm Starling the father Wm Starling the son the whole rent the one year is 40li per annum after always but 36li per annum4.10.1631 I sealed a lease unto Wm Starling and Wm Starling of Colneford Mill the lease to begin at michaelmas.1631 for the full term of twenty one years at the rent of 36li yearly after the first year in which I am to have 40li and I to assign him timber in my wood or grounds he to fell it and he is sufficiently to repair the mill at his own cost and charges and so leave it in good and sufficient repair he hath fourteen days payment after michaelmas and our lady