Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

3.10.1631 (Monday 3 October 1631)

document 23300228

mr Wm Nevill and Wm Brand the whole rent is 46li per annumof myself I sealed a lease unto my brother Nevill of Tenakers 3.10.1631 the lease to begin in 29.9.1634 from michaelmas until which time Wm Brand hath it and I have promised unto Wm Brand that until the time of seven years have expired that lease being part of the time I mean the three years being accounted which he hath Tenakers after that three years he is to gather all my lords rents and for the same is to have 4li out of them yearly for four years and in 1634 my brother Nevill is to enter at michaelmas and to hold it the full time of eighteen years paying to me or my heirs or assigns 46li yearly at the feast of our lady and michaelmas or within fourteen days after either feast if my brother dwells in it himself seeing he is to have but eight loads of wood of it yearly I promise him during my terms and his own to give him ten loads of wood out of Chalkney Wood he fetching it of mine own good will because the other allowance is to little for him